Comedy Headliner: Stephen Jeffrey Watson…LIVE!

Comedy Headliner: Stephen Jeffrey Watson…LIVE!


February 16th, 2015

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Stephen Jeffrey Watson Live at Club 90!

Friday, Feb. 27th – 7 to 9 PM ~ $10 at Door


SJW:  “I am excited to be headlining a comedy show presented by Clean Comedy SLC UTAH and Club 90 on Friday, 2015-02-27, @ 7PM, or 19:00 for those of you in uniform. By “clean” we mean no F-bombs and no vulgar sex references. However, I promise to wield some euphemisms, the occasional double entendre, and a few highbrow conversations on lowbrow topics. Bring your spouse, your lover, and your conjoined twin for an evening of laughs, guffaws, and chortles. xo…SJW”


Stephen Jeffrey Watson is a regular in the SLC comedy scene of about a decade in dog years. Originally from Louisville KY and born into a white trash dynasty, his family was the first on his street with both a toaster oven and a lamp with a three-way bulb. His childhood heroes were Paul Lynde and Phyllis Diller, both of whom he resurrects in his campy, self-deprecating style. His current celebrity crush is Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs. When not squandering his time as a category 10 homosexual, he is an egg farmer, and enjoys backpacking, baking, and composting. He is also an avid Alien film franchise enthusiast.

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